if SYNTHESIS means: “the creation of an integrated whole by the combining of simpler parts or entities” – then, Betsy is a SYNTHESIST: the creator of that integrated whole.

– Tia Salmela Keoubounpheng, Silver Cocoon

Table Fort is the place I go when I need to regroup and get a hold on what is happening.  When the multitasking and bits and bytes and paper piles start driving my actions and I need to remember what it is that I am doing and why. Table Fort helps me articulate what, in my mind and heart is a set of loops and hopes and concerns and to-do lists.

Betsy understands that my life is integral to my work. That what I really want is to better align what I can imagine and what I have to do. Betsy guides clients through a thoughtful, careful process of choosing where to put our attention. And once our attention is on the right ideas, big things happen. I love Table Fort.

– Kristine Miller, University of Minnesota Department of Landscape Architecture

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