Clients and Partners

A few of the brilliant minds & souls I work with, learn from and champion: 

Forecast Public Art. Juxtaposition Arts.  Ananya Dance Theatre. Susan Campion /Giant Steps/Camponovo Consulting. Birchwood CafeField Guide Inc. Kristine Miller/University of Minnesota Department of Landscape Architecture. Lauren D. RussoStudents for Design ActivismFilmmaker Justin Schell/We Rock Long Distance. Anna Lee/Workerby/Ruby3Missy Whiteman/Indigenous Independent Film & MediaCarrie ChristensenJean Russell/ThrivableTia Salmela Keobounpheng/ Silver CocoonSarah Wolbert/Designer UNDIsSooVac Gallery. Suzy Greenberg/Year One. Rebecca McDonald/BFresh Media. Melting Pro: Laboratorio per la cultura. Master Dabblers. Pete Driessen/Tuck Under. Design DuluthDesdamona. Ancestry Books. Green Card Voices. Twin Cities Media Alliance. May Lee Yang/CALILaura Holway/Small Art.  Tehout Selameab/Arcadia Evaluation. Seiche. Artspace. Erin Murphy for MN. Can Can Wonderland. Indigenous Roots.