table fort

The last few months I’ve been hiding out and quiet. This world seems particularly harsh right now. I’m not certain the best places to apply pressure. It either seems like too much or not enough. People have invested lifetimes and fortunes trying to improve and change the world. It seems like one lifetime is not enough. It seems like the work is slow and tiring and diffuse. It can feel futile in a world that needs so much healing to do anything. Often I’m just lost. Lots of folks I know feel lost. It feels like grieving.

But we’re pushing through. My focus remains: Stay steady, stay positive, stay hydrated, make dreaming spaces especially for those who most need to rest & restore, learn new ways to move energy and resources, read a lot, turn off the static and tune into real relationships in real time, share space with and offer energy to inspiring & courageous people, walk, write more, play with the natural & divine, and nurture tiny hopeful growing things with love.

Just love. Fierce love. Love all the time.

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