charge up

img_8557Its Friday afternoon. I have exactly 25 minutes before I get my kids and switch from work week on full blast to family weekend on full blast. At this exact moment I’m totally drained. Was just sitting here wishing it was as easy to charge the human battery as it is to plug in our silly electronic devices. For me, a recharge usually requires at least 30 minutes of silence. 15 minutes of hot shower. Ideally its a couple of days of no internet and surplus sunshine. Some vegetables. Being inspired. Being with people who make me laugh.

Wondering what you plug into or unplug from when you need to be re-energized?

2 thoughts on “charge up

  1. I take a short walk with my kids. My kids energize me, both my students and my biological kids. Fresh air helps and a nutrious drink, like chia kombucha or a fancy juice from the juice bar.

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