how often do you look and not see?


My main squeeze client right now is Juxtaposition Arts: a remarkable organization in North Minneapolis that connects brilliant youth artists to training and employment in art & design.

I can see this corner of the building from my window at JXTA & it makes me happy because it continually changes. Last year it was red, then it got covered with tape, then sprayed white. You can still see more detail from a mural tucked under layers that was there a few years ago. Its just like the rest of the JXTA campus, always evolving. Its just like the work that happens, always evolving. Just like the people who come through the doors, always evolving. Its like life, always evolving. It shows all those layers.

I love creative processes because they frame and amplify. Or edit and critique. They encourage really seeing. Or seeing again, differently. I love spaces like JXTA that make room for people to really see and to share what they see, even as their seeing changes.

We are conditioned to move fast and we forget to notice how beautiful things are. Just as they are. Right now. Nothing is permanently broken or fixed. Nothing is perfect or ultimately flawed. Nothing is static. Nothing is one dimensional. Its always process. People, families, organizations, neighborhoods, cities, systems – defy the ability to be wholly known and are beautiful in their complexity.

How often do we look and not see? Look again and see what you missed the first time. See evolving. See what’s changed since the last time you looked. See how many things that are becoming and love them exactly at this point in their incompleteness.

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