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I’ve been researching sacred geometry for an organization redesign project. I love thinking that humans have been using basic fractal geometry in the design of our cities, buildings and communities since the earliest recorded time. I love the elegance of complexity in numbers, but its easier for my art-brain to see how it works in pictures.

It just makes sense: the simplest and most complex things that happen in nature, happen in cycles and in patterns. Notice the patterns. The simplest pattern you create affects the whole and continuing pattern.

Every evening, when the weather is nice, I’ve been walking with my kids to the swampy edge of a nearby lake. It is in this tiny bit of the city that you can see the season changing the fastest. At the end of the day, my brain is always full of tasks and calendar items and calls I need to make. But slowly it gives way in this environment. You have to watch your step. The ground might be solid, or it might be ice over mud, or it might be liquid beneath bent grass. We’ve seen turtles and fish jumping and loons. We listen to the Red Wing Blackbirds. Yesterday we found a rat skull. Its amazing to let the kids lead and to let them get further ahead of me – to where I can’t see them in the tall grass at all. Its nice remembering how to use physical/instinctual data instead of verbal/visual/ digital data. I know where they are by sense. I know things by feel.

These are meditations for this week: Things work in circles. Notice the patterns. What simple pattern can you set to affect the whole? What do you know by feel?

One thought on “circles

  1. when i was child-minding my friend’s 3 yr old on her band’s european tour, we were dropped off in random areas of random cities. once i discovered her love of swinging [seriously, she would scream her head off “THIS IS LIVING!” ~ which i heartily agree with, many things are better from the buoyancy and reliability of that simple pendulum-motion] we started navigating for playgrounds based on the smell of sand [often present near swingsets and slides]. I was pleasantly surprised that we 1) always found a playground and 2) always found our way back to the venue. I wonder if this is a sign for my own way-finding: what is the simplest thread of enjoyment that takes me on an adventure, but brings me back around to those that love me.

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