things I have to do today

img_8675Buy lightbulbs, clean the toilet, type notes up from the meeting, make sure people know where to park, feed the fish, wash the dishes, wash the sheets, read a few chapters of the book, RSVP, figure out dinner, go for a super long walk, do some writing on that idea, sort those papers, get back to those people, make sure the kids get the shampoo out of their hair this time, talk to the teacher about nature badges, research the inherent tension in activism and self-preservation, look at the moon, make my mother-in-law tea, visit with my neighbor, kiss my family, sing really loud in the car, make giant plans, make shopping lists, get the down comforter ready, draw with ink on good paper, recycle, take the library books back, contemplate leadership pipelines and barriers to success, connect with strangers on behalf of friends, get things ready to burn, prioritize, put things on a calendar, negotiate peace, listen really well, encourage positivity and using nice voices, make sure people feel seen, get seen, see things that blow them away, see things that teach, get people to talk, to imagine it fully, to imagine what the light will be like when they’ve arrived, measure things accurately by goosebumps and chills, admire the way that people learn, notice how brave they are – doing things they might not want to do, clap really loud, yell some, wrap my arms around people, know love, give love, remind people of love, remind people to keep going. Keep going. Remind people to rest. Rest.

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