You think they don’t like you. You think they’ll never hire you/invite you/pay you/respect you/listen to you/love you. You think they are too rich/too poor/too old/too young/too out of touch/too in the know/too trendy. You think it won’t happen. You think you haven’t put in enough work or haven’t got the right training or don’t speak the right language or possess the right charms. You think there isn’t enough money or enough time, its too early and its too late. You think you don’t have the right experience or friends or background or network or personality. You think it won’t happen. You think things can’t be good, surely the other shoe will drop soon? You think its dangerous out there. You think even though you did this or that, you still need to do this or that to be seen or known or successful or accomplished or safe or powerful. You think that if you have come this far everyone is going to try and take it away. You think they haven’t worked as hard as you have, suffered as much as you have. You think the world is broken beyond repair. You think it won’t happen. It can’t.

You think its possible. You think that everything is trying to help you grow. You think that even if they don’t get it, they are trying to understand or doing their best. You know they want you to be healthy and happy. You feel seen. You stand and stretch. You feel heard. You know there is room for you and you begin to share your gifts. You think of time as something to fill rather than something that is running away from you. You think of challenge as opportunity. You think its starting, you think it actually began long before now and you are lucky enough to carry it forward. You think there is plenty and more. You feel it pushing you forward and lifting you up. You expand into it. You listen to your gut and speak from your heart. You gaze at the wonder around you: so much wisdom, so much courage, so much mystery, so much to learn, so many stories. You start connecting the dots and holding everyone around you up. You want to give back. You think the world is imperfectly beautiful and you are so lucky to be right here, right now.

One thought on “decide

  1. Thank You
    on a walk today along the Mississippi my friend mary suggested I read ‘decide’.
    I have recently embarked on a journey, developing a non profit called Kill Kancer
    your words inspire

    Thank You

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