how to sit


You are in a constant state of change. Your body is regulating breathing automatically, you don’t have to think about it. You sweat, blink, get hungry. You don’t have to think about it. The human body is super smart. It is absorbing and processing and regulating so much. So much more than what is controlled by your thinking mind.

Yet – your thoughts become real. Your imagined fear signals a physical reaction into fight or flight. Your stress response gets coded into your cells. Those habits of thought become real impairments that affect the beautiful machine that is your body.

You need to learn to turn it off. Turn off the thinking or turn it down. Notice who is thinking. Are you thinking or are you observing the thinker? If you are able to observe the thinker, then who – may I ask – are YOU?

Notice time and how it is affected by both thoughts and breath. Slow your breathing. Breathe deeper. Notice that thoughts are just thoughts. Watch them float away.

Sink into the space between this and that. How long can you rest here?

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