eccentric training

Today I have been researching resistance. What is resistance? In physics? Electricity? Mental creativity? Strength training? Dance? Watercraft? Swimming? Cognition? Politics? Microbiology?

I love to roll through words and think about what they mean for our hearts, bodies, minds, work: drag, momentum, current, velocity prediction, wave-making, contagion and fluidity. I also love the neat mathematic equations outlined to counteract resistance. To figure it in, so to speak, in terms of speed, conditions and shape.

Is resistance bad? Is it always present? Is it necessary even?
Resistance is a force that opposes. 

But isn’t that also counterbalance? And friction? And FORCE? Doesn’t it build power and strength?

How do you work with resistance?

I particularly love the idea of ‘eccentric training’ which is also called ‘negative training’. It is a kind of muscle strength built only by the motion of unclenching. Running downhill, leaning back from a sit up and likely all of yoga. It is actually what makes you ache, because it is both stretching and flexing at the same time. It is intentionally slowing down your slow down. It is opening.

Think about whatever your resistance is today: the boulder you are pushing, the thing you are avoiding, the reasons why you can’t, won’t, didn’t, haven’t, the drag on your boat, the friction in your flow.

Figure it in to your calculations. Make a little time for it. Notice the conditions and shape of it. Then, push into that resistance with all your might. Slowly now, noticing how strong it is making you: let go. Repeat.

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