There are a lot of smart people in the world. There are a lot of people who amass accomplishments, pack their calendars and wow with their charms. They work hard and have a lot to be proud of, truly.

But the ones I admire most are not because they are knowledgeable, but rather because they are knowing.

You can learn the name of a tree. You can even learn its latin genus. But do you know it’s story? Have you ran your hand over the bark? Or sat in its branches? Have you buried treasure in its roots? Watched it move in all different kinds of weather?

You can know people. You can even know their lives. But do you know their hearts? Can you listen to their questions and not have an answer? Can you see through the debris to their best selves? Could you sit with them if they were in pain?

The people I love best seek out mystery rather than conclusions. They pay attention to the sky more than the news. They are not afraid of confusion, are patient with messes and quick to show kindness.

They know how to sit still and just listen.

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