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It is Monday. The first in January 2013 that is back to a routine. The past few months have been full of resting, new learning, time with family, time with friends, traveling, wandering and dreaming. Suffice it to say, I’m ready to get to work. I am wildly excited about the coming year.

On New Years day I lit a candle and took a long, slow breath. Both actions were promises I made to friends and a recommitment to deepen my work. I’m not making any resolutions this year, but I have been thinking a lot about life, love and work. These are some of the ideas I’m packing/unpacking to bring home with me from this year away.

The only things that happen spontaneously for humans are bodily functions like breathing, thinking, hunger, sleep. Everything else requires intentional commitment to a practice. The only thing to do is get up and do it again. This is the only way to master anything: love, meditation, running, laundry, math homework, music. Do it again. Keep doing it. Find a way to love your rhythm.

The only evidence of true mastery is generosity. When you have committed to any practice for hours, days, years: you develop fluidity. You only develop grace when you are able to transfer knowledge and support others who are just beginning, midway or lost. How can you recognize and be more generous with what you know and what you have?

Hours are mutable things and deeply influenced by culture and intention. It is really important for people to learn how to step outside of ‘clock time’ and invent new ways to travel through their days.  How might you build in sabbaticals, retreats, wilderness, vacation & rest days that are critical for renewal? Can you call this work?

What if there is no such thing as winning? What if the whole point is just to keep the game going and to invite others to play? What if all the strategy you need is to teach yourself to fall in love with living? How can you move from striving (wanting more) to inventing (making more)?

What are you thinking about? What are the themes running through your life and work? What are you  moving towards in 2013?

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