There are so many different ways to travel. Some people are sure where they are going, certain about what they want to accomplish and carefully plan as much of the experience as possible. Some people travel with checklists and guidebooks, some with cameras or with their appetite, some are seeking knowledge, the right words, people, others are following their whims and paying attention to what the locals do.

Travelers – whether global or local – are fearless in a distinct way. They notice where a quiet line around the block from a bakery for what appears to be burnt bread only to discover that it is the world’s most delicious cake. They notice details in the way the light moves and how many distinct shades of orange are in an ancient plaster-covered wall. They notice how hard people around them are trying and are kind, encouraging and patient. They welcome strangers and help them find their way.

How do you travel? Do you prefer an itinerary of carefully made plans or a pocket full of change and your curiosity? Do you prefer to travel alone or with others? Do you like seeing the world through other people’s perspective or do you want it to look exactly as you imagined it might? Are you comfortable being uncomfortable with being new at things? How do you navigate the habits and culture of people different from yourself? How do you rest when you are immersed in learning new ways?

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