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Sometimes its hard to tell if revolution needs to be systemic or personal or both. If you are interested, for example, in world peace – do you start with your own behavior or take on the global political economic structure? I tend to think its a little bit of both, but you definitely start with yourself. Do you dedicate your life to changing the lives of thousands or do you show up for your friends, partner, parents, kids, neighbors? Is it possible to do both? What are the structures that support the way we do our lives? How does money move? What do we value? How much is your time worth?

Right now, I believe we are in a shift in humanity on the level of the enlightenment. The things we will see in our lifetimes will boggle our minds. The rate of change is picking up. This can make people, communities and worlds feel unstable. It is exciting and scary all at once. People spend time being afraid and clinging to the way things were OR rushing ahead trying to have the future here now, without  helping others to adapt or respecting tradition, different cultures, ancient knowledge.  It can be hasty and dangerous. I think our very sense of time is shifting and it can feel deeply, personally chaotic.

As I think about these things and talk to people and observe how much of this is everywhere, I find myself turning to the same  thinkers/places over and over. I just prepared this list for a new friend yesterday and thought it would be good to share here too. These are my favorites right now…..for helping with thinking/feeling a way through chaos.

So much of this is about trust, love, learning other ways to think, other ways to move, other ways to be together.  With the whole universe and human imagination – anything is possible.

10 Timeframes, Paul Ford

Margaret Wheatley – Berkana Institute

 Venessa Miemis – new economies/superhero schools/culture hacking
Nilofer Merchant – social era/new leadership
Sir Ken Robinson – education reform/creativity
Pema Chodron – Buddhist nun – amazing author
Jean Russell (innovation/breakthrough coach)
Andrea Scher – creative business coach (among other things)
Global Somatics – embodiment/healing
Total immersion swimming – which has become my personal philosophy for SO much
Resilience training – based in MN, wrote “Chemistry of Joy” and “Chemistry of Calm”
The Great Turning – Joanna Macy
Network Weaving – June Holley
The Eyeo Festival
Intermedia Arts – Arts Hub
Giant Steps
Juxtaposition Arts
Open Space Technology
Gever Tulley – Tinker School
Public Workshop

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