I love September because I love transformation. I love how ripe everything is. I was born this time of year, around when my Mom was canning a batch of tomatoes. Even the light changes in anticipation of everything bursting into color. Time is a funny thing: at certain points you notice it more, when the kids legs sprout gangly and they fit into the backpacks that were giant last year. You notice while walking in a city that used to be huge and mysterious and it feels small and familiar. You notice when the grown ups suddenly have a hard time hearing you and reach for your elbow stepping from the curb. You notice that a table full of recent strangers have become your community. Things that once seemed impossible are now simple habits. Time is always wrapping around you, sliding out of the way as you evolve.

Once you’ve begun, you’ll try to remember what it was like before. Notice your life as you gain fluency. And buy new pencils.

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